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Accept me for me

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I was fun and outgoing; able to talk to anyone with no problems at all. It's never too late to go back and say, accelt, I'm not sure that came across as I intended it.

If only it were that simple, I thought. If we were all supposed to be the same, we would be.

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Do you need to tweak some things about yourself? I can empathize with shy students in my class. And you know what? When someone refuses to accept you for who you are, take a step back and review mw situation. That means offering acceptance to them as well as expecting them to accept you.

Offering the Best Version of Yourself Sure, you're happy with yourself, and that's a good thing, but even your best self can be a little off-putting for some others. Get them talking about themselves first.

In the past I was terrified of any form of public speaking. Saavriti is an intern with SheThePeople. Source: rawpixel. Follow accelt on TwitterInstagramFacebook and on YouTubeand stay in the know of women who are standing up, speaking out, and leading change.

I am who i am. accept me for me. you cannot dictate terms.

However, it began to depress me that I needed a drink acvept do this or for anyone to like me. Being a naturally loud person was the only way to be liked.

There was only one thing for it; I would have to accrpt the extrovert the world wanted me to be, but how? It's not always the words you say, but the way that you come off to others.

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When I was twenty-four, I began teaching English as a Foreign Language, and a month into my first contract in Japan, I was told my students found me difficult to talk to. Try to think objectively about whether you projected the right attitude, tone, and body language to communicate what you really wanted to say. Eventually, in my last year teaching abroad, I did stand up for myself and my worst fear came true. What really matters is: do you think you need to change?

Accept me for who i am.

Or maybe not. Louise said something!

Finding an Accepting Crowd In reality, sometimes people just don't mix. Sadly many of us succumb to it too and get swayed by what the others are doing.

How to get people to accept me for who i am

What I meant to say was…" Source: unsplash. Another strategy was to attach myself to a more outgoing friend. Attend some events in your community or do some volunteering.

When that happens, seek out other people who share your same interests, values, and lifestyle. When you want people to accept the true you, acept important to understand that lasting friendship takes time and effort. Insert a few tidbits of information about you into the conversation as naturally as you can. I became more and more reserved. I would never be accepted.

Now my job is getting up in front of people and talking. Find ways to make friendships with others who share your same interests. Don't hold your expectations too high-just enjoy the times you share.

Do you need to change your approach to others? As and teenager, I allowed these remarks to hurt me deeply.

Look for meetup groups in your local area. You can always save talking about yourself for another time.

Could your supposed weakness actually be your strength? If you're completely honest with yourself, foe might learn that your communication skills need a little tweaking.

Expose yourself to a wide variety of people and places. After a rocky start in Japan, my students now see me as funny sometimes! accepg

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I did this at school, university, and later when I began to travel a lot in my twenties. So to all the girls out there, please stand up for yourself. Those who accept you as you are will become apparent as your friendships grow. Article.

The time alone taught me to enjoy my own company, and gave me the chance to learn more about myself.