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Phone sex let's have some fun m4w Any ladies still up and wAnt to write dirty and get off. I am seeking for open and honest talk, you telling me about your life with its ups and downs, and me telling you about mine.

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If GDP would just make an annual membership available, at a reasonable price, I'd -up in a heartbeat. Until someone decides that they can do it better and try to run their own site or forum, they don't realize how hard it is to be a player in this game.

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I can tell you, I never want to run another forum ever again after this freeonws is up. In fact, they deliberately make any easy references to any of their scenes virtually impossible.

There is absolutely way on the GDP site to search by male performer. Please keep in mind that this is not a FreeOnes decision. BUT, if you go to the actual scenes, the area that shows information like resolutions available, running length, other scenes the girl is in, etc.


You have a great site. So, for now, I plan on reing two or three times a year -- and for the two-month's at a time necessary to have a "Premium" membership that allows you to download the HD and 4k files. I just can't justify they amount of work that is asked of us to maintain that thread any longer. There's real, physical money that has to go into this.

I don't understand why you want to make it so difficult for your members. Seems like you would do everything you could to keep your members and gain new ones too. My desire to keep a membership has diminished greatly since the forum went away. Hell, they don't even ID the female performers At great effort and much time, I have created my own database of GDP scenes -- with pictures -- as that is the only way I have found to be able to make a positive ID. My understanding is that there are third-party forums where a running list of scenes i.


Girls do porn freeones

If it were left up to me, the thread would still be there. But, you're still left with girls with no actual names, etc.

Back to my database Not just relevant to this topic, but EVERY decision made or rule enforced in the running of this forum has to do with perceived reward vs risk to this site, whether it is financial, legal or reputational. There's relationships and reputation to maintain in the industry as well as a hundred other factors that you, our visitor, doesn't even get to see behind the scenes.

The sources I've seen are all incomplete in some way, so I have not placed much confidence in "episode s" or "girls names" i.

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Currently, I've let my membership lapse, so I temporarily have no way to research anything in any depth. Click to expand STILL, I'm pleased that GDP still allows "former members" to log in with their membership credentials and keep track of what's going on to some extent. Yeah, we all have an idea who some of the males are, but they never ID girlsdoporm male performer. Girlsfoporn probably re again in March, And of course there's the legal aspect that nobody ever considers because hey, it's the internet and you can do what you want!

You can go fuck yourself adam. Knowing a few more details about what you are seeing is what interests a lot of us. There's a bottom line.

If FO allow conduct on the board that hacks off content providers, it can be very detrimental. Keep in mind that I'm downloading and archiving absolutely everything that appeals to me.