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Lost tapes oklahoma octopus

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Lost tapes - oklahoma octopus

Bolton tells everyone to hide in the altaras it is the holiest place in the church, but lowt owlman chases them there, too. Peter asks if Sue Ann is feeling okay, and she says that she's just feeling a little hot; Peter then notices that Jolene is also experiencing a rise in her body temperature with occtopus thermal camera. Share Description The Oklahoma Octopus is described as an octopus alleged to be the size of a horse with reddish brown, leathery skin.

Peter interviews him in order to learn more about the purported activities: Bolton tells them that the "demonic presence" has been disturbing his congregation for years, and describes it as being as large as a man and winged with pointed ears and glowing red eyes; it was only recently omlahoma the creature became more active. The raft is suddenly attacked, and Ruthie falls into the water. They find her quickly, and the girl again states that the creature is trying to stop the investigators.

Soon, they arrive at the exact spot where Sue Ann saw the creature before, but they find nothing in the immediate area. As they interview Sue Ann, she, too, claims that the creature is a demon; when Peter asks her about why she thinks this, she explains that she had an irrational fear in its presence, as well as that the creature chased her and was still trying to get her.

Oklahoma octopus (episode)

They suddenly notice that Sue Ann has disappeared and frantically begin searching for her. Though the creature was never seen again since that night, locals still report hearing strange sounds in the woods near the church.

It is already very dark as they walk into the forest, and Jolene suddenly begins to feel lightheaded and strange for no apparent reason. She then says octopuus an old woman is vulnerable, too, and walks out in full view of the owlman, ignoring the others' screams for her to hide.

Loet sends Hazel off to calm herself down and then introduces himself as Grant Bolton, the archdeacon with whom Peter ly had a conversation over the phone; it is he who asked them to come to the church to investigate the demonic activity. Tyler attempts to scare them by pretending something has grabbed him and pulled him under, but they easily predict when he would resurface.

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Episode: Oklahoma Octopus To celebrate their last time together, a small group of college students head to the local lake for a day of fun. She also claims that the creature knows that the investigators are pursuing it and intends to stop them. Tyler finds a canoe and proposes that they go out to a floating platform in the lake to spend the rest of the day. They immediately discover a horrible stink and disgusting leavings all over the belfry, along with the skeleton of a small pigeon.

Sue Ann's mother, Janis, claims that her daughter hasn't been the same since encountering the demon, and has been suffering from insomnia and nightmares when she does manage to get to sleep. The bodies of Tyler, Bruce, and Ruthie were never found. There is no wildly accepted explanation of how the Oklahoma Octopus could even survive outside of the ocean, but some theories suggest it may have somehow adapted to the freshwaters of Oklahoma.

They scold him, and Tyler angrily leaves in the canoe, leaving no easy way for the others to return to shore. Sean tells them not to worry, as Tyler will probably return, but they suddenly hear a yell and see that Tyler is missing again, and the canoe has been capsized. There is a sudden screech, which frightens Jolene, but Peter concludes that it was just some pigeons taking flight. Peter resolved to take every precaution possible to ensure Sue Ann's safety, including bringing her mother along with them and using IR and thermal cameras and a digital audio recorder to record any electronic voice phenomena.

Shortly after lkst, they head into the water, but Sean suddenly sees some tentacles splash out of the water, but no one else does and he dismisses it at first. The investigators are well-known for both their serious research into paranormal events such as ghosts for a popular television show ; Jolene works a video camera to record their findings. As Hazel tells them about her own oklaho,a with the demon, she claims that it followed her to the United States from her native Mawnan in Cornwall.

They climb higher into the belfry, where they discover an owl pellet as big as a human head. Sean confides in the remaining two that he saw the tentacles from before, but they have no way of escaping from the creature or possibly creatures and resort octopuw yelling for help as night falls. Peter, trying to maintain his composure, tells Jolene to try to get audio recordings of what is going on around them when she is suddenly attacked by the creature, which knocks her off her feet; it is so fast that no one even saw it.

They immediately assume that he is trying to okpahoma a prank on them again, losh Bruce decides to see if he can find him. And long tentacles, used to pull down unsuspecting victims. Sean and Tracy discuss their future as they row out to the platform. They retreat to the church with the creature in hot pursuit, its dark, winged silhouette crossing in front of the camera several times and screeching at them.

At about 6 o'clock that evening, and even octopud great risk is involved, the investigators decide that the best way to flush out the creature is to return Sue Ann to the forest where she saw it. Hazel then claims that the creature is after Sue Ann because she is young and vulnerable, easy prey. However, when they begin to learn of an octopus like creature lurking in the lake, hungry for human flesh, it would indeed llst out to be their last time together.

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The mysterious cephalopod is believed to be responsible for countless drownings in the lakes of Oklahoma, hence it's name. As everyone hides, they see that Hazel is still standing out in the open and tell her to hide with them. While looking for the local church leader, they are suddenly oftopus by an old woman, Hazel Van Lear, who appears to be mentally unstable. Suddenly, there is a loud screech and the sound of rustling wings as something swoops down on them; Sue Ann immediately claims that it is the creature, but it disappears into the darkness almost immediately.

Finally reaching the church at about midnight, they take refuge inside and begin to feel that they are now safe. So all in all, a must watch!

I thought this was a very good episode and I even remember this being this likely being the first episode I saw of Lost Tapes. Peter dissects it with a knife, first extracting a rat skull, and then an entire human mandible. She begins to tell them of the demonbut a man interrupts her as he approaches them. The creature suddenly appears in the church, screeching and flying around the room, only seen as the shadows cast by the investigators' camera lights.

The night scene where the octopus's tentacles attack them on the raft was pretty scary, especially seeing how vicious this octopus can be. Sue Ann, however, recovered from the encounter and is now enrolled in the fifth grade. Victims: Bruce Ruthie This is probably one of the scariest of episodes due to how realistic the scenario is. Deaths: 1 Hazel. After Peter explains what transpired in the woods, Hazel concludes that creature wants Sue Ann.

Oklahoma octopus

However, they were found on the shore, having survived drowning and were treated for exhaustion, shock, and unidentified blister-like wounds all over their bodies. The octopus itself was a very good antagonist because of its eerie presence and aggressive depiction. After swimming over to the canoe, he says that he cannot find Tyler, and suddenly starts yelling, claiming something is grabbing him from underwater, and disappears as well.

Suddenly, Hazel appears from behind a pillar and starts yelling at the investigators that they never should have come, that they have only aggravated the "demon.