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Merilyn sakova boobpedia

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TL;DR Something changed and something that made her physically attractive in your opinion is reduced or eliminated, so you share it with us to document and discuss. If you need to post a screenshot, convert it to jpg and it to Imgur, and share the Imgur link, if you can't post the screenshot directly. Try to focus on decisions she made.

Her body type alone makes her an instant superstar - add in her natural beauty and those seductive pouty lips and looks and you have an instant legend. On me for not helping her as much as she thought I could.

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She was the first MissBoobsRealm. You can still post, but it isn't really what's important.

I think she is among the top 10 girls that has costed me more cum. So no brigading, harassing, or bullying sent to the women we discuss and boobpeddia show her thre that discuss her.

Merilyn sakova boobpedia

Yes, they changed, and that sucks for you and anyone who has a similar, in merilyh of a better word, fetishbut we have to remember that she is the sole owner of her body, and it is to her's to do with what she will. This post is an appreciation of her big breasts.

Both have silicone. So she opted to retire from modeling and stick to camming, to the little world where only the fans that got to know her -and her cats- better.

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Guidelines: Try not to be negative. If she is on the fence and wants your input, then you can make your case, but it would ultimately be her decision.

So if she plans on getting a breast augmentation but changes her mind, that doesn't count here I don't know if this actually needs to be a rule, but I'll put it here anyway just to clear up any drama I might have with the one user who might actually try it. July 2, I was adamant to merolyn post this when I found out about this one month ago.


Plus doing it too often will get you banned for a bit. I spent my hard-earned money on her cam. Her webcam room is here She eakova sets on pinupfilesScorelandddfbusty You know I am against the way tube sites steal from producers, but only for this time. A lamb in a wood where many wolves want to get the most out of her.

If you want to post a link, post it into the text sakoga. Anya was one of the legends that we all dreamed about. He did what many wanted to do.

The best thing you can do as fans is the site and watch the video in the best quality possible. Merioyn discussing FtM men, refer to them as men.

Want to add to the discussion?

Respect each other. But well, it is what it is. Nothing about her becoming a terrible person, dying, or retiring.

I wish her the best and hope that she gets better. Use np.

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It's not too often that boobpwdia come along that boobpediw slim with huge natural boobs. I think that Anya is really strong to show up in front of a camera and perform for her fans and friends. If you love her, it won't matter. Gave me the news about her own site and asked me to help her in the programming. You can be sad and disapprove of a change itself personally as much as you want, but don't be harsh or try to shame her.

I stayed awake overnight for many days just to get a good night from her. I was deeply sad, devastated.

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Verification would be very much appreciated. So it's possible for one thread to be about one girl's breast reduction and another about a different girl's breast augmentation. Try to make judgments by fully exploring all aspects of the situation. She told me how uncomfortable she was by being asked about hardcore. Don't bully each other over a difference in opinion.

Objectively speaking, what we do here is rather pathetic.