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Molly lifespan

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Balloon mollies can still reproduce and live a normal life comparable to that of other mollies, but it has garnered controversy due to the belief that its defect gives it a shortened lifespan and a susceptibility to health problems. Sometimes erroneously referred to as sailfin. There are lots more to choose from, most small peaceful community fish will be fine.

Reproduction is usually the only cause of aggressive behavior. These fish have a flattened body with a triangular-shaped head.

The front half of its body is a vibrant yellow, and the lower half is pure black. They do best with a bit of salt added to their water to simulate their preferred environment in the wild. Another argument in favor of getting your fish from a breeder is that aquarists often report lower lifespans in fish sourced from pet stores compared to fish purchased directly from a breeder.

Molly fish care details

She'll also likely isolate herself form the others, and lay in a quiet spot on the substrate. Some feeding tips: Slow-sinking protein and vegetable pellets, served on the surface so they get to chase stuff A variety of vitamin packed flake food promoting growth, lifespsn and immune system Fast-sinking protein and vegetable pellets so they have to browse for their food How Much To Feed Them?

Males can harass females, but this behavior only gets worse if kifespan conditions are right for breeding.

Fish that have good genetics, are fed a varied and qualitatively superior diet, and are kept in excellent water and moly conditions will go on living a long and healthy life. How long is the pregnancy?

Molly fish care, types, food, lifespan & more!

This size would be suitable for up to four depending on the species — larger mollies like the sailfins will need a 30 gallon tank. What To Feed Them As omnivores there are lots of different food types that you can feed them. I personally never isolate my pregnant females, as it stresses them out. Your patronage and patience during these unprecedented times is sincerely appreciated.

These include molly disease and constipation. Interbreeding between species All three molly species can interbreed.

Larger females could release up to juveniles. The first time my Dalmation Molly dropped her fry, there were only 8 or so. Specks of black adorn the body, making it look like a Dalmation dog.

Molly fish lifespan – how long do mollies live for?

Vegetation is important too, you can use small pieces of green vegetables from your kitchen. Adding a little aquarium salt will help reproduction. There are a couple of unique ailments you have to watch out for. The body shape of this fish in compacted organs. I have one Dalmatian Molly.

Species summary

Water Parameters The habitat of mollies in the wild can vary quite a bit. A female about to give birth will look almost boxy in shape, distended that she is with all the fry inside her. The same is true for male mollies that mate with females all the time. These mo,ly are native to the Americas, but their habitat can vary ificantly.

Molly fish care

Could also be mechanical damage from fight or knocking against ornament. This will be your lifeline when it comes to understanding the state of your tank at a glance, and making adjustments when necessary. I really enjoy the aquarium hobby and love sharing my experience with others.

Balloon molly: This fish has a deformed spine due to a genetic defect that gives it its appearance. Wide at the mid-section, the body tapers down to a narrow point at the snout. A shoal should be predominantly female since males are known to harass and stress females.

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The main differences are colors and patterns, but sizes and shapes can differ too. It has more rays about 18 than the latipinna. Sunken belly: Symptom of many possible diseases, including fish TB. For lifespann aquarists the biggest problem is not getting them to breed but stopping them from breeding. Overall, they are very easy to care for if you have the right tank.

In the wild, you can find mollies throughout North and South America. Plus, they can develop algae for your mollies to snack on.

Dorsal fin: Their dorsal fin is smaller than either sailfin type. Male and female molly fish are pretty easy to differentiate. Dorsal fin markings are slight, small spots. If your fish is relatively transparent in color, you may distinguish what is called the gravid spot on her abdomen.


This means that they hold their eggs inside their body until they can give birth to live young straight into the water. Surprisingly one of them is lifespna aggressive towards my Green Spotted Puffer. The group should be made of mostly females since males are known to harass them.

I myself only use salt in cases of ich. Perform regular water changes, keep the tank clean and treat the water use for water changes. A common rule of thumb moply that a fish' stomach is the same size is one of its eyes, so try to stick to one stomach's worth of food per fish per feeding.