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I Am Look Nsa Sex My dad fucked my best friend

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My dad fucked my best friend

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Tell me where to meet yu and a time.

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I wanted to prove that I was worth it, all this risk.

My best friend from school fuck my dad

We made small talk for some time before I made my way back upstairs and lay down on my bed, thinking about how hot he was. He made my legs tremble but he did so softly. Everyone else had passed out, but I was wide awake. Bet pussy was throbbing from my orgasm and feeling his warm cum inside of me was electrifying.

He asked me to come to his apartment that fucksd, secretly of course. When he pulled out of me he smiled and leaned down to kiss me.

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It was thrilling, keeping my d back mmy from the window and seeing him running down and along the street. We laughed, drank and looked deep into one anothers eyes, he was so good-looking and the sexual tension between us was insane.

He buzzed me in and as soon as he opened the door I was met with candlelight and rose petals everywhere. This time he stopped kissing me and took them in with his eyes, smiling up at me and then taking my red nipple into his mouth, I moaned softly as he then moved his free hand between my legs and began rubbing my pussy through my panties.

He was still thrusting into me rhythmically, alternating between kneading my breasts and grabbing — and slapping — my ass. I desperately fumbled with my dress as my dad shouted out for me, he shouted up the stairs asking if I had seen his friend. We stayed kissing for what felt like an eternity, before I began pulling towards my bedroom, my pink room bathed in sunlight mh the perfect setting.

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They had planned a fishing weekend. I was worried he thought he had made a mistake but then a text came through on my phone. I like them young. I told him how wet I was for him and how much i needed him inside fhcked my tight pussy.

He made his way to my d office and came back with some paperwork but he lingered before he left. Fuckee apartment was dimly lit and he had on an acoustic playlist that quietly sung its way throughout the whole place. I opened up my legs desperate for him to fuck me so hard but instead he shut them with his hand and just kept on running his rad up and down my thighs, teasing me but not touching my pussy.

This type of eye fucking went on for some time, we would catch glances at one another over the dinner table and he would make excuses to come over more often. And so, I began a year-long affair with Steve.


My moan was apparently too loud but he was willing to risk the loud sound it made as he slapped my ass over and fdiend, groaning and filling me with his cock. We then got into the shower together, cleaning one another up and lathering up my tits with the warm soapy water.

Steve knew what he was doing, he was looking out for me and making the experience short — just long enough to add a bit of excitement. Was it really just a few moments ago we were nearly strangers on that dock together?

Besst lay me back gently and kissed his way down my now naked body, he stopped kissing my body as he got to between my legs. He handed one to me wordlessly, searching my eyes for something — the reason I was awake and alone maybe.

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He told me to keep quiet because my sweet moans would make him cum, my pussy gripped his cock and with each slow thrust he struggled more and more not to cum. I frriend up at his, I had only been once before with my dad when he dropped off some paperwork. I moved closer to him and he tucked my hair behind my ear, I smiled at him and moved in closer, kissing in passionately on the lips, he kissed me back and pulled me ontop of him.

I felt underdressed in my small summer dress. I was so turned on.

That night, after many, many drinks I found myself wandering out to the dock. At first it was uncomfortable when we arrived and saw the trucks, Steve was there with his brother and some other men.

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I sat down on the couch and he sat down next to me, we started talking and it felt like being with someone I had known fucjed whole lift. I shouted back down the stairs, ensuring I looked perfect and told him to go out of the window whilst I kept my dad talking.

I grabbed at his salt and pepper hair as he made my legs shake and my already wet pussy begins to drip my juices onto his couch. Wearing a crisp white shirt, black chino trousers with salt and pepper hair and a gorgeous sprinkling of grey stubble around his xad. It went on like this for a few days and despite the sexual tension we did still manage to have a few conversations.